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PR Newswire’s Multimedia Services

offer a comprehensive suite of multimedia distribution services, audio and video production, and webcasting solutions that drive engagement with your target audience.

Live Webcast & Video

Webcasting is an efficient and cost-effective virtual communications solution to reach out to your target audiences. It also helps overcome geographical and time barriers.

A consistent and well-planned webcast strategy yields a high ROI by lowering the delivery cost of your event.

We offer pre-event consultation, set-up, rehearsal, on-location shooting and audio recording, full synchronization between video and presentation. Click here to see an example of webcast.

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Earnings Webcast & IR Video Conference

Our IR webcasting solutions empower you to connect and interact with a broader investor and media audience beyond the event floor. No matter if it is multi-location or multi-language, live or on demand, our professional service gives you peace of mind. In doing so, we allow you to fully focus on meaningful dialogues with your investors, analysts and media.

Earnings Webcast IR Video Conference

Creative Services

From video concept development, scripting and storyboards, to animation or on-location shoots, and through post production, our creative experts will guide you at every step - making your story stands out to the audiences and drive engagement with them.

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Multimedia News Release

Multimedia content is a vital asset for communicators seeking audience interaction across online and social channels. Multimedia News Releases make it easy to deliver your message in a multimedia format by blending text, audio, video, logos photos, related documents and social media tools into an interactive HTML platform.

To find out more, visit PR Newswire Multimedia Theater.

United States Photo & Video Distribution

Located in the heart of Time Square, the Reuters Sign is one of the world's largest digital signs. The 7,400 square foot billboard will feature a regular stream of PR Newswire's customers photos and videos throughout each day.

New York Times Square
New York Times Square: One of the most eye-catching displaysin the United States. Videos and photos can be viewed by more than 1.5 million people that pass through Times Square daily.



Exclusive event page with corporate branding, with no software installation required


Broadcast of the media presentation over the internet from one to many


Learn about your viewers and their viewing behavior from integrated analytics


Cross-platform compatibility for mobile and tablet use


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